Residential Services

Youth Focus Residential Facilities
Facility Clients Served Level Payment Source* Current Openings
Act Together Crises Care Males and females ages 10-17; youth in crises including runaway and homeless youth Temporary Shelter Care - 2 week max. AR, IV-E, DSS Call 333-6853/375-8333/census
Adolescent Substance
Abuse Program (ASAP)
Males ages 12-17; Substance Abuse .5600 CASP funded, no charge M, HC for day treatment 1
ASAP Females
Therapeutic Family Care + SA
Females ages 12-17; Substance Abuse II - TFC M, AR, IV-E, DSS Call 336-272-8775 for openings.
Psychiatric Residential
Treatment Facility
Males and females ages 13-17; Severe emotional and/or behavioral problems PRTF M, AR, DSS, HC  Call336-375-8333 for openings 
Therapeutic Family Care Males and females ages 7-17; with emotional and/or behavioral problems II M, AR, IV-E, DSS, HC 5
Transitional Living Services -
facilities in Greensboro and
High Point
Females ages 16-21 including pregnant or parenting clients N/A no charge 2
* Payment Source: M=Medicaid; AR=At Risk; IV-E; SA=Substance Abuse; DJJ=Dept. of Juvenile Justice;
DSS=Dept. of Social Services sponsored, HC= Health Choice


Parenting Classes to Start:


This evidence based parenting program is designed for parents of teens with school problems, behavior problems or negative peer groups.

The program consists of six, two hour sessions held Thursday evening.  Classes are taught by masters level licensed therapists.  Classes are held in Greensboro and High Point.

Classes are free

Free child care

Dinner provided

$50 gift card for program completion.

 333-6853 GSO or 841-6083 HP

Susan's House Wins Award

maternity home for young women

My Sister Susan's House, our transitional living program for young women in Greensboro recently won the Housing North Carolina Award for supportive housing.

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