About Youth Focus


Youth Focus is a local non-profit dedicated to serving Guilford County’s youth and families since 1971.  A powerful collaboration of medical professionals, therapists, administrators and volunteers, Youth Focus offers maternity, young women’s, transitional and emergency housing, some covered by insurance or Medicaid, and others available free of charge.

In 1971, Youth Focus began providing counseling services to troubled youth on an outreach basis. Specifically, counselors would go into the community to provide services to our clients; in their homes, schools or wherever our clients were located. Today, over 45 years later, Youth Focus maintains a strong, family-based approach to care, involving parents, other family members and caregivers whenever possible.

As the challenges facing youth evolve, so does Youth Focus. Over time we added additional services in areas where we saw a strong need in the community. Our commitment to the youth and families we service and the local community remains unwavering, and we will continue to grow with the youth we serve.

How is Youth Focus funded?

Youth Focus is funded through a combination of state and federal grants, The United Way and private donations. Every year federal and state funding shrinks, but the demand for our services increases. As a result, we have to increasingly rely on the financial support of the community we serve.

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Our Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Helping youth achieve safety, security, and success.