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Safe Haven Outpatient Counseling

Safe Haven Outpatient Counseling provides free counseling to youth ages 6 to 24.  Funded by the Governor’s Crime Commission, Safe Haven provides free Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral (TF-CBT) counseling to youth who have been victims of crime.   This often includes victims of physical violence, bullying, sexual assault, rape, mental/ emotional/ physical/ or sexual abuse, neglect, and youth who witness domestic violence or local gang violence.

Counseling is very accessible, with services available at the Alexander Youth Network and Youth Focus offices in Greensboro and High Point and on-site at all Youth Focus programs. This program also helps youth access court, legal, medical, and emergency room advocacy with community partners. Safe Haven is especially focused on ensuring underserved population groups receive help that is sensitive to their unique needs. These groups include LGBTQIA, immigrants and/or refugees, and children who witness or experience domestic violence.

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Trauma-informed counseling for youth who have experienced abuse or neglect
or who have been a victim or witness to a crime.

There is no cost for youth to participate in Safe Haven.

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