Love Opens Doors

Save the Date | April 26, 2022


About Youth Focus

Youth Focus is a local non-profit dedicated to serving Guilford County’s youth and families since 1971.  Youth Focus offers maternity, young women’s, transitional, and emergency housing, some covered by insurance or Medicaid, and others available free of charge.  Through the powerful collaboration of committed staff, therapists, volunteers, and community partners, Youth Focus offers the compassionate and professional care, so many youths in our community need, especially those facing homelessness.

Mission Statement

Helping youth achieve safety, security, and success.

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If you would like to join this list of sponsors for our 2022 Love Opens Doors Event, please get in touch with Jennifer Lewis for more details or download our Corporate Sponsor Flyer and Registration Form at the bottom of this page.

2021 Love Opens Doors Corporate Sponsors

Youth Focus extends a heartfelt thanks to our generous 2021 Corporate Sponsors.

How Youth Focus Serves the Community

Youth Focus has served the greater Greensboro area for over 45 years and maintains a strong, family-based approach to care, involving parents, other family members, and caregivers whenever possible.

As the challenges facing youth evolve, so does Youth Focus. Over time we added additional services in areas where we saw a strong need in the community. Our commitment to the youth and families we serve and the local community remains unwavering, and we will continue to grow with the youth we serve.

Youth Focus is funded through state and federal grants, The United Way, and private donations. Every year federal and state funding shrinks, but the demand for our services increases. As a result, we have to rely on the financial support of the community we serve increasingly.

Emergency Housing

Act Together is an emergency housing facility for male, female, and gender-nonconforming youth who have run away, are experiencing a family crisis, are the victims of abuse or neglect, or are homeless for other reasons. 

Supportive Housing

This program provides rent assistance for homeless youth ages 18-24 in independent apartments with a lease in their name. While enrolled, these young adults will receive help build independent living skills. 

Outpatient Counseling

Safe Haven provides free counseling to youth ages 6 to 24.  This often includes victims of physical violence, bullying, sexual assault, rape; mental, emotional, physical, and sexual abuse; and youth who have witnessed domestic violence or local gang violence.

Safe Place

Youth Focus participates in Safe Place, a national youth outreach and prevention program for young people who need immediate help and safety. Safe Place locations throughout Guilford County are easily recognized by at-risk youth with their vibrant yellow signs.

Maternity Housing

My Sister Susan’s House offers transitional housing to pregnant women between the ages of 16 and 21. There is no cost for transitional living at My Sister Susan’s House.

Transitional Living

Youth Focus offers supportive housing to young adults who find themselves homeless for various reasons and require additional assistance to gain needed independent living skills so they can successfully support themselves.

How your donations help

Every day, every dollar, a difference is made


Allows a runaway to go bowling with counselors


Pays for one day of food for one youth at our emergency shelter


Allows us to provide training and certify a new Safe Place


Pays for one parenting class for a young mother


Pays for one day of housing and support services for a pregnant or young mother


Pays for counseling services for a victim of domestic abuse or sex trafficking


You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Click below to email Jennifer Lewis, Vice President.

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Every day, and every donation, makes a difference.