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Ali, Program Coach

We’d like to introduce you to Ali Hobson, Program Coach.  Ali is a Program Coach for My Sister Susan’s House and a Case Manager for the HEARTH Rapid Rehousing program. She provides support and services through case management (individualized goals, referrals for resources, connections with providers and other professionals)  to youth who are transitioning into

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How to #BeAConnection for a Child or Family

Youth Focus Safe Haven Therapist, Ashlyn Hodges, shares important identifiers and tips for understanding how you can be a connection in preventing child abuse. Many people may refer to child abuse as physical abuse that shows marks on a child; however, the signs aren’t always so clear. Child abuse can be physical, sexual, and emotional,

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Parent Check-In – How to support yourself

Hey caregiver, yes you- whether you are a parent/caregiver by birth, adoption, marriage, foster care, kinship/guardianship, or work with children…stop just a moment. Breathe (seriously, stop reading and take a slow deep breath…or 3!) Check-in with yourself to see how you’re doing. What emotions are you feeling? Where is your stress level? Being a parent

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Let’s talk about self-care! 

You may have heard this said many times before- “Perspective is everything.” This feels more relevant now during these unprecedented times than ever before to ensure self-care. None of us can effectively continue to pour into the cups of others if our cup has run dry.  The truth is, self-care is essential for optimal wellness- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.   

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April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

For some children, getting to stay home with their parents or caregivers during COVID-19 is a dream come true and fun for the whole family. But for many children — many more than we’d like to think — being stuck at home is a complete nightmare because they are one of the hundreds of thousands

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Jonathan Mindas, HEARTH Program Manager

Jon Mindas manages HEARTH. HEARTH offers transitional housing to homeless young adults age 18-21 in a supervised, yet independent, living environment.  Youth receive counseling, vocational and educational training, parent education services, independent living skills training, and other supports as needed for his or her individual situation.  Read more about HEARTH here.  Let’s learn more about Jon!

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Adrian Wright, Program Coach

Adrian Wright = The Definition of Team Player!   The young adults that Adrian works with absolutely love the support they get from him. He greets everyone with a huge welcoming smile and we are so glad to have him on our team. Let’s learn more about Adrian! 1. What is your favorite memory from Youth

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Rebecca Hood, Crisis Care Professional

Rebecca Hood began her career with Youth Focus as an intern– but you’d never know it!  If you walked into Act Together, you wouldn’t even suspect she was an intern because she inserted herself as a crucial part of our team.  When her internship was over we didn’t want to lose a significant member of

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Olivia W. Smith, Trauma Therapist

Olivia Smith is a Trauma Therapist with Safe Haven.  Safe Haven Outpatient Counseling provides free counseling to youth ages 6 to 24.  Funded by the Governor’s Crime Commission, Safe Haven provides free outpatient counseling to youth victims of crime.   This often includes victims of physical violence, bullying, sexual assault, rape; mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, or

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